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Planning & Development

“Begin with the end vision in mind”

In the Business Planning & Development process, we help you to determine where you are going and define how you will get there. This includes defining your mission and vision, as well as establishing concrete business goals.

Once these are established, we help you define the most effective strategies to achieve your mission / goals; and identify the specific tactics you will undertake to bring those strategies to fruition. Examples may include:

  • Sources of New Revenue
  • Strategies for low ROA relationships
  • New / additional assets from existing clients
  • New assets from new clients
  • Auxiliary product solutions
  • Planning fees (if applicable)
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Referrals & Introductions
  • Client events
  • Seminars / financial education
  • Niche marketing
  • Natural market
  • Networking, Centers of Influence

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