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Client Solutions Delivery

Clients often evaluate relationships with financial professionals by the experience they provide – not just by the products or services they offer. With this in mind, it is important to identify both the specific solutions you offer (or not), as well as the specific manner in which these services will be delivered. The idea is to provide a repeatable and referable client experience tied to solving specific client needs. Some practices offer comprehensive financial goal planning, while others focus specific areas such as insurance or portfolio management. No matter your model, we can help create a referable client experience and streamline how that experience is delivered.

  • Client Contact Strategy (Segmentation & Service Model)
    • Contact strategy by tier
    • Service deliverables strategy by tier (meeting types / formats/ processes)
    • Client meeting summary process
    • Client feedback process
    • Informal survey
    • Client advisory board
  • Financial Solutions & Delivery
    • Financial planning process
    • Wealth management process
    • Structured investment management (model portfolios)
    • Auxiliary products

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