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Client Testimonials

"I’ve worked with other coaches before. Focus Partners is different. They understand our business and our challenges. They provide insight and specific advice relating to products and services that only someone from inside the industry could do. In less than a year of working with Focus Partners, I am on track to blow past my former record year while building a sustainable fee-based business. It is great to have them on my team."

- Roger A (Financial Advisor)


“Focus Partners has restructured my approach to my business and has put accountability to my plans and actions. My partnership with Focus Partners has helped uncover new opportunities and assets that have made a significant difference in my business. We have developed and implemented programs that have increased assets and commissions on a short term basis, while continually planning for the long term development of my practice.”

- Senior Advisor


"Focus Partners delivers on-target programs: practical, powerful, and rich in content. Reminds senior people of what they have forgotten and informs junior people of what they need to know to succeed."

- Anne M (Sales Consultant)


"Top three reasons to hire Focus Partners are that they’re: 1) performance oriented and will help increase your business; 2) coaches with “Wall Street cred”; and 3) charismatic speakers."

- Nancy A (Business Communication Coach)


“Focus Partners enhances my current business model by helping me examine by process and evaluate my work efforts.  Their insights are worthwhile, and having unbiased outsiders discuss, review and refine my direction has given me additional focus on my business. Thank you for your support.”

- Mark L (Financial Advisor)


“Working with Focus Partners has given us the ability to develop and strengthen our team.  Drawing on their past and current experiences, we have been able to view things from a fresh perspective and we have already seen benefits based on their ideas and accountability.  We would strongly recommend others speak to Focus Partners about how to organize and take your business to the next level.”

- Paul F (Financial Advisor)


“Working with Focus Partners has helped me to improve the efficiency of my practice.  They helped implement processes that streamlined and improved our client communications.  Their high touch structure enables me to stay focused and on track.”

John S (Financial Advisor)


"Contrary to the passive cookie-cutter method taken by many other business coaching groups, Focus Partners roll up their sleeves and take a hands-on, proactive approach that has proved paramount in keeping our team focused in a extremely difficult business environment and has properly positioned our team to capitalize on new opportunities.”

- John H (Financial Advisor)


“I had felt for some time that my business had stopped growing, and had wanted to “breathe new life” into it. After hearing many presenters recommend coaches at business meetings, I came to believe that after 25 plus years as an FA, I should take such a step. I selected Focus Partners because they seemed to tailor their program to each specific individual with whom they work. My timing of hiring a coach was fortuitous because after the market decline that we’ve had, I feel that it is more important than ever to have a serious structured approach to marketing to “replace” the asset declines we’ve had. Many of the Focus Partners’ suggestions I have heard before, but helping our team to take a structured, insightful and analytical approach to our existing business, and make us more conscious of marketing for new business is something that I’d heartily recommend to anyone.”

- Thomas H (Financial Advisor)

Michael Silver and Focus Partners have proven to be an incredible asset in growing my business over the past year. Through weekly and quarterly coaching sessions, I was able to develop and constantly improve upon my prospecting and networking strategies, as well as reflect on my recent progress. The various useful tips, articles, tools, and worksheets that were provided to me helped solidify my foundation and open up new creative doors. However, it is the constructive criticism and accountability factor which truly provided the motivational force of Focus Partners and supercharged my drive to succeed. In a business where self-motivation is the key to survival, let alone success, the value of working with the Focus Partners team has been immeasurable.

- Brett J (Financial Advisor)

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