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Virtual Practice Management

To win in today’s changing economy, it is critical that firms support their advisors by providing the tools and resources they need to succeed. Advisors often need additional skills, strategies and tactics to address common business challenges and drive practice performance. Providing the tactics, tools, and resources to help advisors succeed has become an important priority for both small and large firms. However, many firms are challenged to provide these solutions with their current resources.

Virtual Practice Management is an outsourced practice management solution, providing the power of an experienced practice management team without having to employ a full time staff.

Our VPM solutions offer multiple options in various mediums based around core practice management components:

  • Business Builder Workshops: These “drill down”, interactive sessions are filled with actionable ideas that advisors can implement and execute immediately. (30 min to full day sessions available.)
  • Webinars: Flexible and easy to implement, these tactical web-based presentations can reach a large number of advisors in varied geographies. (30 min to 1 Hour)
  • Coaching: Customized performance coaching for individual advisors, teams and management.
  • Peer Learning Forums: (Focus Performance Groups): Professionally facilitated peer-to-peer coaching groups. Programs consist of small groups of advisors who meet regularly to learn with and through each other for the purpose of improving their businesses. These can be delivered on site or via the internet.

Focus Partners has presented topical and timely content for keynote addresses, workshops, breakout sessions, education days, study groups and best practice events. Let our team partner with your team to create a customized practice management engagement or to support your existing program.

Topics May Include:

  • Business Planning
  • Niche Businesses
  • Client segmentation & service models
  • Team development
  • The client review lifecycle
  • Organization skills
  • Referrals
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • The client experience

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